Sihing Ryan Trott

  Grado :   Sihing
  Nome :    Ryan
  Cognome :   Trott
  Nato il :    20/11/1984
  Città :   Londra
  Scuola di :    Ving Tsun

Responsabile LONDRA.

Ryan began his Ving Tsun journey back in 1998 under Sifu Terry Estcourt and the UK branch of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council (WCKFC) headed by the late Master Ron Heimberger. Like many others, the legendary Bruce Lee was his inspiration after watching Enter The Dragon as a child. Ryan considers himself very fortunate to have had the chance to train with Master Heimberger and experience his Ving Tsun first hand, it has had a profound impact on his life. Ryan feels very proud and privileged to now be training under Sifu Antonio Bacino within the Ip Ching family lineage, he continues to make frequent trips to Italy for extensive training from his Sifu. Ryan also regularly cross trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to improve his groundwork awareness.